In times like these, many new realities and truths come up to the surface: the comportment of people, the mindset of corporations and the society, the behavior of leaders – all for good and unfortunately for bad as well.

Home Office goes along with trust, not with control

Here’s one example: earlier this week I’ve talked to a friend whose daughter – a young lady – works in a public institution. Just when the quarantine measures started, she asked her boss, if home office would not be appropriate. His answer was as follows: “No, we can’t do that, as I don’t know if you’re really working. We would need to install a camera in your apartment, so I can control if you are on the job or not”. Seriously. No joke.

A crisis is a crisis, but we need to look ahead!

A crisis is foremost experienced as a bad time, even a very bad time for many. However, it also forces us to reflect on what we’re doing – and not only to think about changes but to initiate them. It might be helpful to have a look around us and to imagine how different the world will look like after the crisis. To give you an idea, I can recommend an excellent article from Robert Glazer around the “stay-home-economy”, what talks about the changes happening right now in the business environment influencing the very near future.

Acting today with having the post corona era in mind

So, in many aspects we need to organize our (personal and professional) life differently and there is no doubt that many new things will last after the crisis – and home office is certainly one. Although home office had been quit developed over the last couple of years, it was only a minority of people working from home before the crisis kicked in – even if this would have been possible for many more. Now, for many companies and employees it is the only chance left to keep the lights on. However, there is still a huge resistance. Less from the employees but very often from the employers and their leaders – see the story on top of the blog. An obvious reason is, that leaders are not used to lead remotely, but more importantly many leaders are not used to give a much higher degree of freedom and flexibility to their team(s). But there is a way out! The right mindset, the correct strategy and some simple rules can help to overcome the temptation to over-control.

Free webinar on how to lead a team working from home

In order to help leaders who feel being “home office beginners”, Kirsten Watson from 2Leadership and myself will hold a free webinar to share some insights on how home office will work out for both the leader and his team.

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Rainer Müller