Long term company success comes along with the right culture.

„During more than 30 years in different companies and in various countries around the world, I’ve met many leaders who were doing a fantastic job when dealing with people. However, I also met leaders getting it completely wrong. I am happy to share my experience and helping you to become part of the leaders doing a fantastic job.”

Sitting between the chairs

Being a leader often leads to sitting between two chairs: On one hand the company expects you to deliver results, on the other hand your team has their own desires and expectations and the priorities of the company are not necessarily on the top of their list – and as the leader you experience pressure from both side.
With more than 30 years on all different leadership levels, I know this demanding situation very well. The good news is: it is possible to learn, how to manage this dilemma, and to make sure that everybody – the employee, the company and the leader – get what they need. It is my passion and pleasure to support you to achieve this target!

My support is less about the psychological side of dealing with leadership. It is foremost about hands-on guidance on how to master better the challenges of a leader’s day but also on how to manage extraordinary tasks, issues and problems in a very concrete and specific manner.

As a former executive for a multi-billion-dollar business unit as well as with my background as managing director of a large German entity, I have a first-hand understanding of these challenges. With this strong foundation I am the ideal partner for CEOs and C-suite executives, acting at eye-level. As well, I am offering tailor-made support to leaders on all middle management levels.

“My role as a coach? To be your sparring partner. Understanding what keeps you awake at night, sharing concrete advice and mirror your behavior.”


  • The CEO wants to pull back from the day-to-day business to be able to spend more time to take care about the long-term strategy of the company. I help the leader to get the needed time and moreover, I support the CEO to develop the new strategic direction.
  • An executive takes over a new function within the same operating committee. I support him/her to get into the new role as fast as possible, to identify the focus areas and to achieve sustainable results in the new field of responsibility.
  • A talented employee is being promoted and takes over a large leadership role for the very first time. I help the person not only to survive the first hundred days, but to also translate the euphoria about the promotion into a long-lasting pleasure within the new challenging job.
  • A department manager struggles with his/her leadership role. In consequence the manager is facing many conflicts with both peers and teammates. I support the leader to discover his/her full potential, to develop the under-used strengths and to find ways to overcome barrier-raising attitudes. By doing so, he/she will be able to master the leadership role in a much more relaxed and compelling manner.


In a world that is substantially more volatile, uncertain and complex, many find that incremental changes are no longer sufficient. Frequent and deeper changes and transformation are what is needed. This requires a new kind of leadership – as well as a new approach to coaching.

For this reason I’m partnering with _2Leadership®, a very successful management consulting firm, what recognizes the human being as the key to success. Focus is to enable people in their organization to change as fast as their environment and to become resilient leaders empowering, motivating and at the same time ensuring the achievement of operational results. Main methodology used is „N.E.W.S. ® Navigating in Times of Change“.

I am certified for all N.E.W.S.®– Navigating in Times of Change Organizational Development solutions and certified International N.E.W.S.® Executive Coach.

N.E.W.S.® Executive Coaching™

Transformation That Delivers Results

The world is changing at a rapid rate with its forces radically reshaping the reality in which we live. Everywhere we look, disruptive innovations are impacting every sector with industries today facing high levels of turmoil. No firm, industry or career is immune from the impact of these forces.  As leaders in a world that is substantially more volatile, uncertain and complex many find that incremental changes are no longer sufficient. Frequent and deeper changes and transformation are what is needed.

This requires a new kind of leadership. Organizations need to change as fast as their environment and need resilient leaders to empower, motivate and at the same time ensure the achievement of operational results.

N.E.W.S.® Executive Coaching™ is an innovative and profoundly structured process to help you navigate your career and your team. It is tailored to answer the development needs for the very busy Executive operating in an uncertain environment. It is structured and transparent, organised as a step-by-step process, with very clear goals, roadmap and outcomes.

N.E.W.S.® Organizational Navigation™

Fast – Deep – Strategic

The N.E.W.S.® Organizational Navigation™ program is based on a set of dynamic principles that will guide you in an ever-changing reality. It is a process with follow up check-points, which is typically conducted to help Leadership Teams integrate as a fully functional team and eliminate silo thinking.

During this process, the Leadership Team will agree on their common values. They create their practical vision of the future and develop the strategy and tactical plan to achieve it. They examine what’s holding them and the Organization back, and what they can do to overcome their key barriers as a team.

The process is organized around the four points of the N.E.W.S.® Compass™, which  acts as a valuable tool for identifying areas where performance has broken down and where teams need to focus on building greater effectiveness together. It enables them to synchronize realities, objectives and motivations at a personal, interpersonal and organizational level.

Organizational Navigation is particularly useful when organizations are ‘stuck’, when alignment among Leadership Team members is crucial, when managing Organizational change or Mergers & Acquisitions, or as a structured process of strategic planning.

N.E.W.S.® Team Navigation™

Driving Change Together

In a rapidly changing environment and Organization, every team needs to realign itself to the bigger picture. Failing to do that, the team will not be able to deliver the expected results.

The N.E.W.S.® Team Navigation™ program is based on a set of dynamic principles that will guide teams in an ever-changing reality. It is a process with follow up checkpoints, which is typically conducted to help teams overcome obstacles and create the culture that is needed for thriving in times of change.

The process provides teams with a structured roadmap, organized around the metaphor of a compass, that will help them to move forward, in mutual agreement and, with greater levels of understanding. The aim of the process is to align the team’s compass with the Organisational goals, to enable them to navigate together and become a Great Team.

N.E.W.S.® Team Navigation™ is particularly useful when a new organizational strategy needs to be cascaded, when there are significant changes in the team or through a new team leader, when teams need to manage a big project or change process, for an annual offsite to plan next year’s goals or as team building event.

_2Leadership ® offers a broad range of products in the area of leadership development, organizational development and talent development. I’d be more than happy to support you in selecting the right program matching your or your company’s needs.